Delivering The Presentation
Your Event Deserves

Jeff is overly passionate about helping brands improve online selling strategies, creating digital marketing strategies that reach online consumers, and speaking as a business owner who can lift individuals into a positive mindset that attracts others to join. He provides value to employees at every level and can share the goals behind career exploration and developing talent through entrepreneurial-spirited experiences.

Experience Jeff In Action

“It is obvious hearing Jeff speak that he is incredibly passionate about what he does and has real humility and empathy for how his company has achieved their growth insofar as having no regrets, empowering his team and learning from his mistakes along the way. It was great hearing from someone like Jeff who “keeps it real” and speaks his truth.”
Eric C.
Client Success Associate
“Jeff is one of the most passionate and creative entrepreneurs I know. He’s a force!”
Jason Feifer
Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur magazine
“Jeff is a leader in both strategy and executional detail. He manages timelines and delivers to set metrics/KPIs. He and is team enabled us to create engaging video content largely scripted by Jeff and his team. He is quick to adopt to a company’s brand strategies and make meaningful and creative recommendations always aware of budgetary constraints.”
Linda P.
Chief of Staff